I. THE INTERNATIONAL 100 (great inter-nation cinema)

Some of cinema’s greatest features have come about through inter-nation-al collaboration of writers, actors, directors, producers, and often cross-pollination of cultures and locations. This collection naturally follows the “F-list” and “G-list” while expanding the field to include Americans working at their best with non-American cultures; this list aspires to (if not always reaching the heights of) something like The River or Happy Together, with exceptional artists witnessing or showcasing greatness beyond their own familiar world

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I1. Diary of a Lost Girl (Pabst, 1929)

I2. L’Age D’Or (Buñuel, 1930)

I3. Tabu: A Story of the South Seas (Murnau, 1931)

I4. Shanghai Express (von Sternberg, 1932)

I5. Gunga Din (Stevens, 1939)

I6. The Four Feathers (Korda, 1939)

I7. The Thief of Bagdad (Powell, Burger, 1940)

I8. How Green Was My Valley (Ford, 1941)

I9. Mrs. Miniver (Wyler, 1943)

I10. A Matter of Life and Death (Powell, Pressburger, 1946)

I11. Black Narcissus (Powell, Pressburger, 1947)

I12. Germany Year Zero (Rossellini, 1948)

I13. The River (Renoir, 1951)

I14. Viva Zapata! (Kazan, 1952)

I15. The Earrings of Madame De… (Ophuls, 1953)

I16. La Strada (Fellini, 1954)

I17. Lust for Life (Minnelli, 1956)

I18. Paths of Glory (Kubrick, 1957)

I19. Viridiana (Buñuel, 1961)

I20. El Cid (Mann, 1961)

I21. The Exterminating Angel (Buñuel, 1962)

I22. The Leopard (Visconti, 1963)

I23. Goldfinger (Hamilton, 1964)

I24. Chimes at Midnight (Welles, 1965)

I25. Blow-Up (Antonioni, 1966)

I26. Once Upon a Time in the West (Leone, 1968)

I27. The Conformist (Bertolucci, 1970)

I28. El Topo (Jodorowsky, 1970)

I29. McCabe & Mrs. Miller (Altman, 1971)

I30. Walkabout (Roeg, 1971)

I31. Tout va Bien (Godard, 1972)

I32. Titash ekti nadir naam (Ghatak, 1973)

I33. The Passenger (Professione: Reporter) (Antonioni, 1975)

I34. Barry Lyndon (Kubrick, 1975)

I35. 1900 (Bertolucci, 1976)

I36. A Bridge Too Far (Attenborough, 1977)

I37. Alexandria…Why? (Chahine, 1979)

I38. Atlantic City (Malle, 1980)

I39. Time Bandits (Gilliam, 1981)

I40. Gallipoli (Weir, 1981)

I41. My Dinner With Andre (Malle, 1981)

I42. Reds (Beatty, 1981)

I43. Fitzcarraldo (Herzog, 1982)

I44. Yol (Guney and Goren, 1982)

I45. The Terminator (Cameron, 1984)

I46. The Killing Fields (Joffe, 1984)

I47. Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (Schrader, 1985)

I48. Ran (Kurosawa, 1985)

I49. Kiss of the Spider Woman (Babenco, 1985)

I50. Caravaggio (Jarman, 1986)

I51. The Last Emperor (Bertolucci, 1987)

I52. Dead Poets Society (Weir, 1989)

I53. My Left Foot (Sheridan, 1989)

I54. Naked Lunch (Cronenberg, 1991)

I55. Howards End (Ivory, 1992)

I56. Indochine (Wargnier, 1992)

I57. The Crying Game (Jordan, 1992)

I58. Belle Epoque (Trueba, 1992)

I59. The Piano (Campion, 1993)

I60. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (Hallstrom, 1993)

I61. Three Colors: White (Kieslowski, 1994)

I62. Il Postino: The Postman (Radford, 1994)

I63. Three Colors: Red (Kieslowski, 1994)

I64. Eat Drink Man Woman (Lee, 1994)

I65. Sense and Sensibility (Lee, 1995)

I66. Irma Vep (Assayas, 1996)

I67. The English Patient (Minghella, 1996)

I68. Happy Together (Kar-wei, 1997)

I69. Face/Off (Woo, 1997)

I70. Three Kings (Russell, 1999)

I71. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone (Columbus, 2001)

I72. Gosford Park (Altman, 2001)

I73. Bloody Sunday (Greengrass, 2002)

I74. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Jackson, 2002)

I75. Dogville (von Trier, 2003)

I76. Lost in Translation (Coppola, 2003)

I77. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Jackson, 2003)

I78. Moolaade (Sembene, 2004)

I79. Munich (Spielberg, 2005)

I80. The New World (Malick, 2005)

I81. Babel (Gonzalez Inarritu, 2006)

I82. Children of Men (Cuaron, 2006)

I83. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Schnabel, 2007)

I84. Under the Same Moon (Riggen, 2007)

I85. Slumdog Millionaire (Boyle, 2008)

I86. Goodbye Solo (Bahrani, 2008)

I87. Miracle at St. Anna (Lee, 2008)

I88. Inglourious Basterds (Tarantino, 2009)

I89. The White Ribbon (Haneke, 2009)

I90. El secreto de sus ojos (The Secret in Their Eyes) (Campanella, 2009)

I91. My Name is Khan (Johar, 2010)

I92. Certified Copy (Kiarostami, 2010)

I93. Carlos (Assayas, 2010)

I94. Melancholia (von Trier, 2011)

I95. Tabu (Gomes, 2012)

I96. Life of Pi (Lee, 2012)

I97. Only Lovers Left Alive (Jarmusch, 2013)

I98. Gravity (Cuaron, 2013)

I99. The Grand Budapest Hotel (Anderson, 2014)

I100. The Assassin (Hsiao-hsien, 2015)

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