Q. QUALITY FILMS (a gallery of 100 feature fiction films that scored 100 on Rotten Tomatoes)

Beyond the canon, this is an international collection of fictional feature films that scored 100 on the review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes as of April 2020. RT fails to separate historical reviews (written upon the film’s release) from more recent reviews, and it ranks reviews with a binary system – reviewers either liked it or didn’t. This means that a film that scored “100” isn’t necessarily “better” or even “better-reviewed” than one that scored “95”; sure, a film that scored “100” registered no negative reviews, but may refer to a vanilla-flavored, unobjectionable movie, while the “95” film was perhaps bolder, riskier, and more invigorating. Your mileage certainly may vary, but we believe this particular collection of 100 100-scorers happens to be 100% high-quality.

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Q1. The Phantom Carriage (Sjostrom, 1921)

Q2. The Kid (Chaplin, 1921)

Q3. Steamboat Bill, Jr. (Keaton, 1928)

Q4. The Man Who Laughs (Leni, 1928)

Q5. Make Way for Tomorrow (McCarey, 1937)

Q6. Holiday (Cukor, 1938)

Q7. Only Angels Have Wings (Hawks, 1939)

Q8. Young Mr. Lincoln (Ford, 1939)

Q9. Rebecca (Hitchcock, 1940)

Q10. The Great McGinty (Sturges, 1940)

Q11. Ball of Fire (Hawks, 1940)

Q12. Day of Wrath (Dreyer, 1943)

Q13. National Velvet (Brown, 1944)

Q14. The Lost Weekend (Wilder, 1945)

Q15. Shoeshine (DeSica, 1946)

Q16. Odd Man Out (Reed, 1947)

Q17. Quai des Orfevres (Clouzot, 1947)

Q18. Fort Apache (Ford, 1948)

Q19. Oliver Twist (Lean, 1948)

Q20. Fallen Idol (Reed, 1948)

Q21. Force of Evil (Polonsky, 1948)

Q22. The Life of Oharu (Mizoguchi, 1952)

Q23. Forbidden Games (Clement, 1952)

Q24. I Vitelloni (Fellini, 1953)

Q25. Touchez Pas Au Grisbi (Becker, 1954)

Q26. Them! (Douglas, 1954)

Q27. Jedda (Chauvel, 1955)

Q28. The Man From Laramie (Mann, 1955)

Q29. Desk Set (Lang, 1957)

Q30. Witness for the Prosecution (Wilder, 1957)

Q31. Old Yeller (Stevenson, 1957)

Q32. Shadows (Cassavetes, 1959)

Q33. Through a Glass Darkly (Bergman, 1959)

Q34. Victim (Dearden, 1961)

Q35. Sanjuro (Kurosawa, 1962)

Q36. Knife in the Water (Polanski, 1962)

Q37. Ivan’s Childhood (Tarkovsky, 1962)

Q38. An Autumn Afternoon (Ozu, 1962)

Q39. Soy Cuba (Kalatozov, 1964)

Q40. The Ipcress File (Furie, 1965)

Q41. Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (Parajanov, 1965)

Q42. El Dorado (Hawks, 1967)

Q43. Cool Hand Luke (Rosenberg, 1967)

Q44. The Swimmer (Perry, 1968)

Q45. The Wild Child (Truffaut, 1970)

Q46. A New Leaf (May, 1971)

Q47. Wake in Fright (Kotcheff, 1971)

Q48. Mon Oncle Antoine (Jutra, 1971)

Q49. Fat City (Huston, 1972)

Q50. Day for Night (Truffaut, 1973)

Q51. The Friends of Eddie Coyle (Yates, 1973)

Q52. World on a Wire (Welt am draht) (Fassbender, 1973)

Q53. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (Sargent, 1974)

Q54. Manila in the Claws of Light (Brocka, 1975)

Q55. That Obscure Object of Desire (Buñuel, 1977)

Q56. The Buddy Holly Story (Rash, 1978)

Q57. Breaker Morant (Beresford, 1980)

Q58. Babylon (Rosso, 1980)

Q59. The Draughtsman’s Contract (Greenaway, 1982)

Q60. Local Hero (Forsyth, 1983)

Q61. The Ballad of Narayama (Imamura, 1983)

Q62. Zelig (Allen, 1983)

Q63. Rue cases negres (Sugar Cane Alley) (Palcy, 1983)

Q64. Broadway Danny Rose (Allen, 1984)

Q65. Jean de Florette/Manon de Source (Berri, 1986, 1987)

Q66. Law of Desire (Almodovar, 1987)

Q67. Alice (Svankmajer, 1988)

Q68. Drugstore Cowboy (Van Sant, 1989)

Q69. Henry V (Branagh, 1989)

Q70. La Belle Noiseuse (Rivette, 1991)

Q71. Rambling Rose (Coolidge, 1991)

Q72. Rebels of the Neon God (Ming-liang, 1992)

Q73. Passion Fish (Sayles, 1992)

Q74. Searching for Bobby Fischer (Zaillian, 1993)

Q75. Bandit Queen (Kapur, 1994)

Q76. Forgotten Silver (Jackson, Botes, 1995)

Q77. The Sweet Hereafter (Egoyan, 1997)

Q78. Yana’s Friends (Kaplun, 1999)

Q79. The Taste of Others (Jaoui, 2000)

Q80. Hukkle (Palfi, 2002)

Q81. Take Out (Baker, Tsou, 2004)

Q82. Cama adentro (Live-In Maid) (Gaggero, 2004)

Q83. C.R.A.Z.Y. (Vallee, 2005)

Q84. Fireworks Wednesday (Farhadi, 2006)

Q85. Kenny (Jacobson, 2006)

Q86. Half Moon (Ghobadi, 2006)

Q87. Still Walking (Kore-eda, 2008)

Q88. Passing Strange (Lee, 2009)

Q89. Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno (Clouzot, 2009)

Q90. Boogie (Cova, 2009)

Q91. Poetry (Chang-dong, 2010)

Q92. The Snows of Kilimanjaro (Guediguian, 2011)

Q93. Wild Bill (Fletcher, 2011)

Q94. Of Horses and Men (Erlingsson, 2013)

Q95. Ilo Ilo (Chen, 2013)

Q96. Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem (Elkabetzes, 2014)

Q97. Li’l Quinquin (Dumont, 2014)

Q98. Kajaki (Katis, 2015)

Q99. Ixcanul (Bustamente, 2015)

Q100. Kill Zone 2 (Cheang, 2015)

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