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W1. The Wild Party (Arzner, 1929)

W2. Blonde Venus (Von Sternberg, 1932)

W3. Baby Face (Green, 1933)

W4. I’m No Angel (Ruggles, 1933)

W5. Queen Christina (Mamoulian, 1933)

W6. Dames (Enright, Berkeley, 1934)

W7. First a Girl (Saville, 1935)

W8. Stella Dallas (Vidor, 1937)

W9. Stage Door (La Cava, 1937)

W10. The Women (Cukor, 1939)

W11. The Letter (Wyler, 1940)

W12. The Little Foxes (Wyler, 1941)

W13. Madame Curie (LeRoy, 1943)

W14. Cover Girl (Vidor, 1944)

W15. Gaslight (Cukor, 1944)

W16. Mildred Pierce (Curtiz, 1945)

W17. I Know Where I’m Going! (Powell, Pressburger, 1945)

W18. Johnny Belinda (Negulesco, 1948)

W19. The Bigamist (Lupino, 1953)

W20. Johnny Guitar (Ray, 1954)

W21. The Three Faces of Eve (Johnson, 1957)

W22. I Want to Live! (Wise, 1958)

W23. Auntie Mame (DaCosta, 1958)

W24. The Diary of Anne Frank (Stevens, 1959)

W25. Two Women (De Sica, 1960)

W26. Un femme est une femme (Godard, 1961)

W27. The Americanization of Emily (Hiller, 1964)

W28. Darling (Schlesinger, 1965)

W29. Phool Aur Patthar (Ralhan, 1966)

W30. Daisies (Chytilova, 1966)

W31. Wanda (Loden, 1970)

W32. Klute (Pakula, 1971)

W33. Nathalie Granger (Duras, 1972)

W34. Cries and Whispers (Bergman, 1973)

W35. The Fate of Lee Khan (Hu, 1973)

W36. Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (Scorsese, 1974)

W37. Je Tu Il Elle (Akerman, 1974)

W38. L’une chante, l’autre pas (Varda, 1977)

W39. 3 Women (Altman, 1977)

W40. Julia (Zinnemann, 1977)

W41. The Turning Point (Ross, 1977)

W42. Les Rendezvous d’Anna (Akerman, 1978)

W43. Die bleierne Zeit (Marianne and Juliane) (von Trotta, 1981)

W44. Veronika Voss (Fassbinder, 1982)

W45. Victor/Victoria (Edwards, 1982)

W46. Born in Flames (Borden, 1983)

W47. Terms of Endearment (Brooks, 1983)

W48. Silkwood (Nichols, 1983)

W49. Desperately Seeking Susan (Seidelman, 1985)

W50. Sans toit ni loi (Vagabond) (Varda, 1985)

W51. Hannah and Her Sisters (Allen, 1986)

W52. Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Almodovar, 1988)

W53. Gorillas in the Mist (Apted, 1988)

W54. Camille Claudel (Nuytten, 1988)

W55. Beaches (Marshall, 1988)

W56. Steel Magnolias (Ross, 1989)

W57. La Femme Nikita (Besson, 1990)

W58. Ju Dou (Zhang, 1990)

W59. An Angel at My Table (Campion, 1990)

W60. Postcards from the Edge (Nichols, 1990)

W61. The Double Life of Veronique (Kieslowski, 1991)

W62. Fried Green Tomatoes (Avnet, 1991)

W63. Gas Food Lodging (Anders, 1992)

W64. Go Fish (Troche, 1994)

W65. Heavenly Creatures (Jackson, 1994)

W66. Little Women (Armstrong, 1994)

W67. Safe (Haynes, 1995)

W68. Clueless (Heckerling, 1995)

W69. Home for the Holidays (Foster, 1995)

W70. Walking and Talking (Holofcener, 1996)

W71. The Watermelon Woman (Dunye, 1996)

W72. Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (Nair, 1996)

W73. Jackie Brown (Tarantino, 1997)

W74. Central Station (Salles, 1998)

W75. The Virgin Suicides (Coppola, 1999)

W76. Girlfight (Kusama, 2000)

W77. Erin Brockovich (Soderbergh, 2000)

W78. A ma soeur! (Fat Girl) (Breillat, 2001)

W79. Bridget Jones’s Diary (Maguire, 2001)

W80. Morvern Callar (Ramsay, 2002)

W81. Frida (Taymor, 2002)

W82. Whale Rider (Caro, 2002)

W83. The Hours (Daldry, 2002)

W84. Me and You and Everyone We Know (July, 2005)

W85. The Notorious Bettie Page (Harron, 2005)

W86. Away from Her (Polley, 2006)

W87. Waitress (Shelly, 2007)

W88. Juno (Reitman, 2007)

W89. Wendy and Lucy (Reichardt, 2008)

W90. Night and Fog (Hui, 2009)

W91. Winter’s Bone (Granik, 2010)

W92. Pariah (Rees, 2011)

W93. We Need to Talk About Kevin (Ramsay, 2011)

W94. Middle of Nowhere (Duvernay, 2012)

W95. Wadjda (al-Mansour, 2012)

W96. Belle (Assante, 2013)

W97. Ida (Pawlikowski, 2013)

W98. Que Horas Ela Volta? (The Second Mother) (Muylaert, 2015)

W99. Mustang (Erguven, 2015)

W100. Suffragette (Gavron, 2015)

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